Salon Struggling in the Summer?

Salon Struggling in the Summer?

Does your business slow down during the summer months?

 Consider these five tips to secure the bag and beat the heat this summer!

1. Broaden Your Services

The drop in sales for many salons in the summer can be attributed to the rise of protective, natural styles to better fit the warm weather. An obvious and excellent strategy to avoid customer loss is to shift your services to adapt to new customer preferences. Incorporating heat and water friendly styling will not only help you avoid customer decline but also attract those searching for summer styling. 

2.  Stock Up on Inventory

Many distributors host sales during the summer, especially during the various holidays that decorate the season. Take advantage of these opportunities and stock up on client favorites to avoid low inventory when business is slow! 

3. Provide Service Bundles

With competition rising as clientele slims, you will have to provide offers that customers can not resist. A great way to do this is by making several small services a part of a package deal, or, "bundle". For example, a shampoo, deep condition, blow-out bundle for the price of just two of those mentioned services will keep your regular customers satisfied and new ones coming!

4. Spruce Up Your Social Media

The summers association with vacation and fun in the sun would make for a great theme to your social media page! Create posts that appeal to the joys of summer to make your brand stand out from the rest and fit right in with what your customers want to see. Include summer hair tips and holiday sale announcements to increase the value of your online presence!

5. Host A Summer Salon Party 

Summer is the infamous party season! Have your clients invite friends to your salon for a party in exchange for coupon codes and discounts on services. Serve drinks and small plates while sharing professional haircare tips and information about your growing business!

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