Edge Control Strong Hold 4.oz (Set of  24)
Edge Control Free Label Design

Edge Control Strong Hold 4.oz (Set of 24)

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– Logo must be on a white or transparent background

 Our clear hydrating formula creates sleek up do’s and eliminates stray edges between styles.

The price for one  4.oz  edge control is $5.50.  A set of 24 is $132.00

Label size is 3inch circle


1. Logo 

Design your own label here 




If you’re utilizing our free in-house label printing, there’s a color limitation. Our labels are white. In your design, the background cannot cover more than ~20% of the label’s surface with ink, regardless if you’re using a light/dark color. If this doesn’t work for your desired look/feel, you can alternatively pay for a 3rd-party company to print your labels and ship them to us. We’ll need to approve your design first.


Purchase Samples If you are interested in doing business with us, we encourage you to purchase a sample kit. This kit includes each of our high-quality, profe